Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a quality improvement method that is adopted across organizations to meet the industry standards making the business customer centric. The Six Sigma methods in an organization helps to achieve high profitability, improved product or service quality, customer satisfaction and continuous innovation aligning the market trends.

Six Sigma consists of a complete set of methods, tools and practices that helps organizations to achieve the goal of the minimal defect and to offer top quality products or services. The concepts of Six Sigma checks the measure of how far a product or service deviates from the line of perfection. This method aims to help the manufacturing organizations to process goods or services with almost zero defect.

Course Objectives

CADD Overseas is offering a powerful course in Six Sigma in association with Synergy School of Business. This course helps the candidate to better understand the concepts and methods of Six Sigma, its implementation and its importance in helping organizations reach the Six Sigma level of quality.

The course strives to create champions that are Six Sigma experts through its intensive training program. Six Sigma empowers participants with managerial, entrepreneurial and analytical acumen in the Six Sigma methods.

This training program aims to train participants according to the global industrial standards so that they can contribute to their respective organizations to meet the targeted goals.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Six Sigma Methods
  • The 5 Lean Principles
  • Forms of Waste
  • The Sigma Levels
  • Calculating the Sigma Levels
  • Principles of robust product and process design
  • Features of Standardization
  • DMAIC- The Lean Six Sigma Improvement Process
  • Critical Success Factors


  • Microsoft Excel Templates for Problem Solving and Statistical Analysis.
  • Preparatory Notes with training slides and quick test of chapters
  • Course Materials (Including Body of Knowledge)
  • Course Completion Certificate



Who can enroll:

Executives, Team Members, Project Managers, Supervisors or other individuals who need and wish to understand the concepts of Six Sigma.