Six Sigma – Green Belt

Six Sigma Green Belt is a problem-solving methodology that runs with Six Sigma Black Belt’s supervisions. This can be said as another layer of quality improvement along with the Six Sigma Black Belt methods. These methods are adopted by a number of manufacturing and service offering sectors to meet high product or service levels and attain customer satisfaction.

The Six Sigma Green Belt philosophies are intended to analyze and resolve quality issues by getting involved in all practices that improve the standards of the organization’s outcomes. The CADD Centre for Technical Training and Skill Development is offering this amazing Green Belt course in association with Synergy at a global platform to empower students and professionals in Six Sigma methods for quality measurement.

Course Content:

The objective of this certification program is to train and convert professionals into quality champions helping them to become well versed in the Six Sigma Methodologies. These professionals can lead or support improvement projects in an organization.

This training program offers participants firm knowledge in fields such as mathematics, statistics, probability and other concepts that are used in Six Sigma. On completion of the Six Sigma Green Belt certification, these candidates will be experts in the collection, analysis, data interpretation and inference.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Six Sigma
  • Problem Solving
  • Basic Statistics and Display of Data
  • Process Mapping and Measurement Techniques
  • DMAIC Process Improvement Roadmap
  • Techniques establishing Customer Requirements
  • Statistical and Analytical Methods to identify and understand Sources of Variation.


  • Course Materials (Including Body of Knowledge)
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Orange –text Belt certification upon the completion of project


Any working professional who aspires to know more about statistical quality management techniques.

Who can enroll:

  • Managers, Supervisors, Operations Managers, Production and materials manager, HR Managers, Finance and Commercial Managers, Management consultants, High Potential Employees, etc.