Offshore Training

CADD Centre has emerged as the most sought after training destination in the field of digital design and creative design. CADD Centre has being providing quality training for the past 25 years, during this period it has partnered with leading software companies such as Autodesk, Bentley, Siemens, PTC, Cadence etc. It is for this reason that CADD Centre has emerged as Asia’s largest network in the field of CAD education.

CADD Centre understanding the various constraints and challenges faced by students world over and has brought about the fresh concept of offshore training. This model ensures that restraints faced my students to gain quality education are minimized. CADD Centre’s offshore training program provides students in all corners of the world a platter of advantages – splendid accommodation, impressive training facilities and exceptional trainers. The offshore training program while taking responsibility for accommodation remains attuned to the needs of the participant – this ensures flexibility; accommodations are organized based on the constraints of the participant. Accommodations cater to different resources and cover a spectrum of choices ranging from luxury to cost-effective.

To ensure this experience is complete CADD Centre also provides participants with avenues to explore travel destinations. All participants are provided with an opportunity to visit areas of interest and also given excellent assistance in order to plan out and safe and pleasurable trip.

The guarantee of the CADD Centre offshore training program is that a candidate walks in as a novice in his respective field and walks out as an expert. The process of transforming an amateur to a veteran is a smooth transition as the offshore training program guarantees complete focus on the training by eliminating all distractions.

Be part of the offshore training program today and let the transformation begin.