IDC for the designers in the making

The CADD Centre’s design competition IDC (International Design Competition) made efforts by spreading its wings on a global basis in the field of technical design.

IDC is a progressive step to motivate and encourage young designers with their participation. Growing from “National Design Competition” to the “International Design Competition”, this competition identifies the best student designers and rewards them with the honours they deserve. The competition is designed to be a creative stage for the technical performers to help them showcase their talents for the design projects. The competition motivates students to think, create and exhibit innovative designs on a global platform for projects that can be practically implemented.

The panel from the specific industries judges these design on a number of performance indicators to select the best design. This competition appreciates the idea, efficiency, and uniqueness of the project. Their design must solve a problem and propose its solution. It is an opportunity to display every student’s innate ability. The IDC encourages the students by making them aware about the latest trends in their particular fields. They gain in-depth knowledge about the outside world and its relation to their specific stream of study.

Mechanical Engineering

CADD offers a challenging competition platform to ascertain the best student designer. The competition is a resourceful juncture for the technical players to display their abilities in product designing by applying the principles of physics and material designing and acquire the know-how in the arena which is evaluated by the industry specialists.

Civil Engineering

CADD provides a creative platform for the emerging designer in the arena of 3D modelling and structural analysis. It is an excellent way to promote a healthy competition among the peers, kindle their hidden talents, raising their awareness levels and bringing an urge to come up with the best and outstanding design on a national platform.